Ceiling Mount UVC Air Sanitizer

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Protect Large Areas with this Unobtrusive UVC Ceiling Air Sanitizer.

Improve air quality using UVC light to kill 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, molds and other harmful pathogens.  This unobtrusive UVC ceiling air sanitizer is typically mounted into a drop split type ceiling, in the space of a removed tile.  Simply plug in or connect to a 110V supply, and the unit is ready to sanitize the air.  It can also be professionally mounted into a standard ceiling.

Powerful fans operate to pull air into the unit and through pre-filters, then a HEPA filter, before passing the UVC bulb.  Unlike many other UVC systems this unit is completely safe to use in occupied areas as the UV light is not visible from outside the unit.

UVC light sanitizes the air breaking down the DNA of potentially dangerous microorganisms, before the unit pumps clean, fresh air into the room through all four sides.  With its large area coverage, it is perfect for many settings, such as schools, business premises and homes.

Functions and Features:

  • LCD Displays date, time, humidity, maintenance schedule and any fault condition.
  • Power off and restart memory function.
  • Safety interlock turns system off when opened, keeping maintenance operators safe.
  • Multi stage filtration system.
  • Full remote control allowing for programmable operation.
  • Can be run automatically, manually or programmed for set times.
  • Safe to be operated in occupied spaces.
  • 8000 hour lamp life.

Model and Parameters:

  • Max Air Circulation- 588 cubic feet per minute CFM
  • Recommended Room- <100m³
  • Sanitation Rate- >90%
  • Noise Emitted- <60dB(A)
  • UV Lamp Life- >8000-12000h
  • Input Power- <190W
  • Environment Temperature and Humidity- -5°C ~ 50°C <90%RH
  • Voltage/ Frequency- AC110V + 22V 50Hz + 0.5Hz
  • Dimension- 645 x 645 x 380mm
  • Installation Dimension- 600 x 600 x 380mm


  • Length & Width 25.5" (645mm)
  • Height 9.0" (380mm)