GermAwayUV 600 CFM Knight UV Air Scrubber

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Using advanced UV-C technology, a powerful 600 CFM fan, and a multilayered filtration system, this compact device is easy to use and provides safe and reliable air sanitation.

Bring the power of the sun and the wind into your hotel, restaurant, or classroom with the GermAwayUV Knight Ultraviolet Air Scrubber. This state of the art air purification system is able to completely sanitize the air in even large rooms multiple times per hour with its 600 cubic feet per minute ventilation system. The air is taken quickly and quietly through 4 layers of purification. First the air is pushed through a sediment pre-filter to get rid of particles greater than 10 microns. The air then goes through a TRUE HEPA filter that eliminate virtually all particles even as small as 3 microns. The next layer of filtration is an activated carbon filter that eliminates volatile organic compounds. Finally the last line of defense is a ring of UV-C LED germicidal lights that kill any microbial contaminant that is somehow able to make it through the filtration gauntlet. Some may call the 4th line a bit of overkill but we believe in not taking any chances.

4 Layers of Air Scrubbing: 

Pre-Filter: Although most of the things that can harm us in the air are microscopic, there are sometimes larger airborne pollutants that need to be stopped. That is why we include a pre-filter to make sure that anything of any noticeable size is stopped dead in its tracks before it even makes it into the air purifier. 

HEPA filter: HEPA stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air and it is essentially the only true standard in air filtration products. Although it is by no means enough to guarantee fresh air, a HEPA filter should be an integral part of any clean air strategy in your home or office. In order to qualify as a HEPA filter, the filter must be mechanical and block 99.97% of particles under 0.3 microns. What we mean when we say mechanical is that this filter does not change any chemical compound or use any other form of power or electricity to modify pollutants. It is simply a very small physical barrier that combined with a powerful fan will rid your air of small particulates such as dust, tobacco smoke, fungi, pollen, mites, pet dander, and the vast majority of bacteria.

Activated Carbon Filter: Once we get rid of the large airborne particles that are trapped by the pre-filter and the small particles that are stopped by the HEPA filter, the next problem is chemical and organic contaminants. The biggest and most harmful iteration of these are Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

VOCs are gases emitted from liquids and solids and can have some adverse health effects ranging from eye, nose, and throat irritation and headaches, all the way to liver damage, kidney damage, damage to the central nervous system, and potentially cancer. These VOCs most often come from paint products, automotive chemicals, pesticide, dry-clean linens, insect repellants, chemical cleanser and disinfectants, and print toners. It is important to note that the list above is just a general overview but it is not all-inclusive. The problem of VOCs is compounded by the fact that in the US we do not have any established guidelines for their usage in non-industrial applications. As such, the first line of defense is not only to minimize the use of harsh chemicals in the office and at home but to ensure to have proper ventilation whenever any chemicals are used. Even if a chemical smell is not particularly irksome, it can certainly have detrimental effects to your health.

The good news is that activated carbon filters have a pretty good track record of neutralizing VOCs. The pollutant organic molecules get trapped into the carbon structure's pores in a process called "adsorption". Once the VOCs are adsorbed into the microporous structure of the activated carbon, they will stay there and out of the air you breathe.

Ultraviolet Light: Because the earth's atmosphere blocks virtually all of the UV-C light emitted by the sun, organisms on earth have uniformly failed to evolve in a way that we have substantial protection from UV-C rays. Although larger organisms such as humans have skin to protect ourselves (at a cost, as UV-C can cause skin cancer), smaller organisms have no such protection. This is useful to us because we can use UV-C LED light at a 275 nm wavelength to irradiate harmful pathogens and break down their DNA. It is a form of chemical free sterilization that has been used in the medical industry for decades but is just now making its way into homes and offices. The UV light in our ULRAP is not a little LED that was put there simply for marketing purposes. The UV light in our unit is a heavy duty light with some real power behind it (and lasts 10,000 hours of operation!). Additionally, the light is placed in such a way not only to maximize the germicidal effects on harmful microbes but also to completely prevent any UVC from reaching your eyes or skin. 

 Features and Benefits:

  • H13 True HEPA filter.
  • High efficiency carbon filter.
  • Particulate matter pre-filter
  • Full function touch panel.
  • Four color air quality sensor display.
  • Silent sleep mode.
  • 4 heavy duty casters for ease of mobility.
  • Backed by our industry leading warranty.

Technical Specifications:

  • Material: ABS body panel
  • Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR): 600 cubic feet per minute. 
  • Sound Levels: 30 - 61 decibels.
  • Power: 85 watts.
  • Weight: 35 lbs.
  • UV Light: UV-C LED 275 nanometer germicidal ring

Technical Data Sheet: (CLICK HERE)

Instruction Manual

Special Notice!

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