GermAwayUV Horticulture Disinfection Chamber

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Horticulture UV Light Oven with Double Exposure for Rapid and thorough Disinfection

The GermAwayUV Horticulture Disinfection Chamber is an easy and effective way to destroy fungal parasitic growths from flowers and cuttings.

There are several ways in which to tackle the infections that can damage your plants, but most methods involve the use of fungicides that can damage both your plants and the environment.  By using ultraviolet light, harmful microbes such as botrytis cinerea (powdery mildew), storage rot or grey mold, are quickly and easily eradicated without the need for toxic agents or harsh chemicals.  The system combines two high powered UVC light sources with a 100% quartz shelf to surround the foliage in powerful UVC light, eradicating any potential threats to your crop.


-Programmable Timer:  Simply program the chamber for the exact time required to fully sanitize your specimens.  The timer can be set between 1 second to over 2 hours in 1 second increments, so there is no risk of over or underexposing your plants.

-Removable Shelf:  Easily removed to speed up production.  Additional shelves can be ordered allowing you to prepare the next batch of product while the chamber is in use.

-Quartz Glass Shelf Insert:  The shelf insert is 100% quartz plate, the only material that allows over 99.9% of UVC light to pass through.

-Safety Glass:  The system uses fully UV-safe glass so that you can see what is in the chamber without risking any damage to your eyes or skin, so special UVC protection is not required. However, we always recommend wearing appropriate long sleeves and eye protection when working in any lab, shop, or greenhouse as per OSHA standards.

-Auto Stop Function:  If you decide that you want to open the chamber in the middle of a cycle, you are not at risk of UVC exposure.  The moment the door is opened, the chamber will automatically shut off the lights.

There are three key points to successfully eliminating grey mold with ultraviolet light:

1. Wavelength:  The GermAwayUV Horticulture Disinfection Chamber has 16 high intensity UVC bulbs that irradiate the specimen with a 253.7 nm wavelength of light.  The exact wavelength required to completely denature the DNA and RNA in microorganisms.

2. Intensity:  The GermAwayUV Chamber has over 800 watts of UVC killing power, enabling it to work quickly and effectively.

3. Exposure:  For optimum efficacy only 360 degree exposure is 100% effective.  The GermAwayUV Horticultural Chamber is the only system on the market that utilizes a quartz plate shelf which allows this.  

In addition to being specifically designed to eliminate harmful microbial parasites from plants, fruits, and flowers, this UVC chamber is built so that it can be run 24 hours a day for years in a production environment. The core of the UV oven is based on our design for UV Lab Chambers that are present in top universities throughout the world.

Designed, engineered, and manufactured in the US, you can be confident that your production will not be slowed down by faulty equipment. 


-UV Coverage Area: 15" x 19"

-Shelf Area: 208" squared.

-Watt: 800 wattage power

-Input Power Requirements: 110V-60Hz or 220V-50Hz

-Made in the USA


How Long to Run the System:

This depends on the level of contamination, we can give you the time that it would take to eliminate 99.9% of a specific germ in a petri dish within the Horticulture Chamber. Please use the tool below to find what works best for you. For example, Botrytis Cinerea (powdery mildew), the biggest threat for fruits, herbs, and vegetables needs to be in the chamber for at least 36 seconds.


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