GermAwayUV Horticulture Mold Eradication System - Stage 1

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Holistic solution to eradicate powdery mildew and other harmful microbial contaminants from your cultivation.

This convenient value pack provides you with:

  • Germicidal treated air circulation for your garden.
  • Elimination of mold at its primary source - HVAC coils.
  • Air sanitizer & scrubber units for improved garden airflow and to eliminate hot spots from your circulation fans.
  • Sterilization spot treatment for clones, trimmers, and tools.

The greatest benefit that indoor gardening brings to the world of horticulture is control. Cultivators can control the exact amount of light that gets to the plant. They can also control the exact temperature and the water conditions. Unfortunately, it also brings a couple of minor downsides. In addition to cost, indoor gardening operations tend to be more susceptible to mold than their outdoor counterparts. The worst offender is powdery mildew.

This plant destroying mold not only harms your production on clearly infected plants but can also significantly lower the yield of seemingly healthy adjacent ones. Some strains of plants and crops are somewhat resistant to powdery mildew and real efforts are being made to select and propagate these more resilient strains. However it will be decades before we no longer have to deal with powdery mildew and other parasitic microbial contaminants.

Currently the best practices are to eliminate mold spores from the environment in a holistic manner throughout the process. From planting seeds/clones all the way to trimming and packaging. GermAwayUV's Horticulture Mold Eradication System (CMES) Stage 1 is designed to help you do just that.

Each aspect of the CMES Stage 1 is thought out to not only eliminate any existing mold but also to clear out the presence of microbial contaminants such as Botrytis Cinerea, Aspergillus Niger (aka Aspergillus Brasiliensis), and other parasites that regularly attack plants.

What Each Component Accomplishes:

Coil Scrubber: It all starts with the air. A tiny mold spore can definitely spread through the roots of plants and through the soil but the biggest propagator of spores in an indoor growth is an inappropriate HVAC system. These air conditioning systems take a small presence of conical mold spores, suck them into the system and essentially spray them all over your room. They are a fast-track way of taking a localized infection and turning it into a complete infestation. To prevent this, we strongly recommend installing a 72 watt AC coil scrubber into any air conditioning system you have in your garden. The high power of the system and the proximity of the UV-C bulbs to the coil ensure that no mold spores will find a cozy incubation location in the AC coil and any contaminated air that make it through your system will come out mold free on the other side.

Duct Sanitizer: The duct sanitizers work hand in hand with the Coil Scrubber. Although not quite as crucial as the coil scrubber, these powerful germicidal systems are installed in the duct work of your HVAC system and offer a secondary and tertiary line of defense to eliminate any and all mold spores in the air. The installation of these will improve the quality of the air in your garden substantially. Most customers notice a healthier smell after just days of installing these.

Floor Mount Air Purifier: These all encompassing air purification units combine the germicidal power of UV rays with more traditional yet effective technologies like HEPA Filters, Carbon Filters and Air Ionizers. The ionized air particles are able to trap any remnant microbial contaminants

Wall Mount Fly Trap: UV BugTraps are a great way to ensure that not only is your crop free from microscopic parasites, but also from visible ones. These traps use UV light and harmless glue to bring in and trap insects that could contaminate or consume your crops without putting unnecessary chemicals or harsh compounds into your air or plants.

35 Watt Handheld Sanitizer: The key to having a parasite-free growing operation is to being with parasite-free clones or seeds. Whether you start from seeds or clones, it is important that the pods you plant them in have been properly sanitized. This can be quite easily done with our 35 watt handheld sanitizer.

The very first step to keeping a mildew free cultivation is to sanitize the pods and clones before and during planting. This can easily be done with a handheld clone sanitizer. The second step is to eliminate mold in the air. Even a few mold spores, if left untreated can lead to a serious infestation. Luckily, most indoor growers already have the making of an industrial sized air sterilization system in the air conditioning. By installing a coil scrubber system in the coils, the HVAC system will seize to be a breeding ground for mold that sprinkles the spores on your crops and become a mold eradication system. Once you have installed a coil scrubber, we also recommend installing a couple of HVAC UV Duct Sanitizers within the system to ensure you are eliminating any spores that are able to filter through.

Why UV-C?

There are admittedly a number of ways to deal with mold spores and other harmful microbial contaminants. Some people use expensive ozone "washing", other use chlorine dioxide, and other still use even more chemically stringent treatments. Although these methods have shown some degrees of success, the problem is that many are still introducing potentially harmful chemicals into a crop that is meant to be consumed into the body. Ultraviolet treatment is the only method that is not only affordable but fully chemical free and effective.The UV-C light of 254nm wavelength destroys the DNA of the mold parasites but leaves no lasting chemical or other elements in your product.

    What's Included (click on the links below to learn more about each component):

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