GermAwayUV Horticulture Mini Sanitation Chamber

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Crop Sanitation for the Small to Medium Grower

The GermAwayUV Horticulture Mini Sanitation Chamber is a quick, easy and effective way to deal with the microbial contaminants that can compromise your product.

With microbial contaminant testing becoming more stringent, UVC light offers a sanitation solution that does not require you to use harmful chemicals such as chlorine dioxide or other toxic agents.  Botrytis cinerea (powdery mildew), storage rot, or grey mold, have been infecting various plant strains for decades, The GermAwayUV Mini Sanitation Chamber gives you the ability to take the quality of your product firmly in your control by leveraging the power of UV light in a small and safe enclosure.


-Quick Timer:  Simply select the time you require the chamber to operate in 5, 10, 15 and 30 minute increments.

 -Removable Shelf:  Easily removed to speed up production.  Additional shelves can be ordered allowing you to prepare the next batch of product while the chamber is in use.

-Quartz Glass Shelf Insert:  The shelf insert is made from 100% quartz plate, the only material that allows over 99.9% of UVC light to pass through.

 -Safety Glass:  The system uses fully UV-safe plastic so that you can see what is in the chamber without risking any damage to your eyes or skin, so special UVC protection is not required. However, we always recommend wearing appropriate long sleeves and eye protection when working in any lab, shop, or greenhouse as per OSHA standards.

There are three key points to successfully eliminating grey mold with ultraviolet light:

1. Wavelength:  The GermAwayUV Horticulture Mini sanitation Chamber has UVC bulbs that irradiate the specimen with a 253.7 nm wavelength of light.  The exact wavelength required to completely denature the DNA and RNA in microorganisms.

2. Intensity:  The GermAwayUV Chamber has over 70 watts of UVC killing power, enabling it to work quickly and effectively.

3. Exposure:  For optimum efficacy only 360 degree exposure is 100% effective.  The GermAwayUV Horticultural Chamber is the only system on the market that utilizes a quartz plate shelf which allows this. 

 Designed, engineered, and manufactured in the US, you can be confident that your production will not be slowed down by faulty equipment.


-System Size: 20.5" x 8" x 13.25"

-UV Shelf Size: 4.75" x 10.75"

-Watt: 70 watts of UVC irradiation.

-Made in the USA