GermAwayUV Targeted Microbial Eliminator

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GermAwayUV Targeted Microbial Eliminator

With 60 watts of targeted microbial UVC power for spot disinfection and mold eradication, this unit is the perfect solution for horticulturalists.  Mold spores can quickly propagate during plant growth, this spread can happen not only via airborne fungus but also through the stems, roots, and leaves themselves.  Simply use the device for a few seconds daily in between light and dark cycles to eliminate mold spores before they have had a chance to spread.

Not only is the GermAwayUV targeted microbial eliminator useful for spot treatment on plants, but it can also be used to sanitize equipment and deep clean rooms in between harvests, to ensure that all new crops have a hygienically clean and healthy start.


  • Spot disinfection of plants during vegetative and flowering stages.
  • Sanitization of tools and equipment.
  • Elimination of contaminants from rooms and surfaces between growth cycles.

For airborne mold spores, we recommend installing an AC coil scrubber and an ultraviolet duct cleaner.


  • 36.22” lamp arm length for maximum ray emission and optimal reach over surfaces
  • Two UVC high purity quartz lamps power the disinfection process by emitting the strongest of UVC rays, 253.7 nanometers, to clean the air and surfaces of a room.
  • Electronically brightened reflector which focuses all the UVC rays at the target zone.

UVC is unsafe for skin and eyes! Please use appropriate personal protective equipment and avoid any UVC exposure to your eyes and skin!

Instructions for Use:

GermAwayUV, mindful of your need for ease and efficiency has made this device simple but safe to use.

  1. Position the device as required, directing the lamps at the target zone.
  2. Set the timer to the duration required for your sanitizing needs.
  3. Clear the room of people and pets.
  4. Press Start - the device has a a voice prompter to alert you to when the cycle will commence.
  5. Once the device has run for the set time it will automatically shut off.

You can now switch off, unplug the device, and return the lamp arm to its storage position. Simple as that!

If you’d like more detail on how this surface sanitizer works or what safety precautions to take you can check our instruction manual.

Because here at GermAwayUV, we want to ensure that you can rely on our products to work we’ve provided two helpful features to do just that. The first is that we’ve included a free set of UVC Visualizer Strips with all our GermAwayUV Surface Disinfection products. The strips change color from yellow to green when exposed to UVC rays.

The second is this dosage calculator, so you can work out how long to use the lamp for – just decide whether you want to sanitize a surface, or a room, and which germs you’d like to target.

Room Dosage Calculator Loading...

If you have a specific microbe you would like to target, please click here for a more detailed UVC dosage calculator.


*It is important that you avoid exposure to your eyes or skin when using the GermAwayUV Mobile UVC Surface Sanitizer. Ultraviolet (UVC) light is harmful to your eyes and skin. Use proper safety gear. We recommend turning the unit on and walking out of the room. If you need a solution that you can be in the room to use, please see our room occupancy air sanitizers.