GermAwayUV UVC Sanitation 20" Conveyor System with 320 Watts of UV Irradiation

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Take Product Sanitation to Another Level

GermawayUV is a leader in the design and innovation of sterilization units, and this UVC disinfection conveyer system has countless potential uses.  UVC light targets harmful microorganisms such as viruses, salmonella, colds, flu and pneumonia, and also molds and fungi.  This conveyer system is the perfect sanitizing solution for a wide variety of industries.

Constructed from Stainless Steel for easy cleaning, the UV transmitting belt allows 16 UVC bulbs to irradiate your product from all sides & angles to ensure rapid eradication of harmful viruses and bacteria.  A variable belt speed allows for more dosage time if required.  The conveyer system can be used standalone or added to your existing line.  Easy controls and long life bulbs ensure minimal maintenance and servicing too.

UVC light emission destroys 99.9% of bacteria and molds 


  • Voltage: 220V or 120V
  • Power: 1500 watts
  • UV Germicidal Area 40" x 20"
  • Conveyor Width: 20"
  • Dimensions: 78.8" x 59" x 27.6"
  • Germicidal oven entry/exit height: Adjustable up to 6"
  • Conveyor Speed: 0-16 feet per minute
  • Bulb Length: 23.62" 
  • UV Bulbs: 16
  • Amperage Draw: 15 amps
  • Height from Ground to Conveyor: 30 inches +- 1inch
  • UV Bulb Power: 20 watts x 16 
  • Highly reflective inner surface to help boost lamp effectiveness 


  • Pharmaceutical
  • Dairy 
  • Fresh produce
  • Food Packaging
  • Horticulture 

UVC is unsafe for skin and eyes! Please use appropriate personal protective equipment and avoid any UVC exposure to your eyes and skin!


    Instruction Manual: (Click Here)

    Technical Data Sheet: (Click Here)


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