UVC Visualizer Kit

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GermAwayUV UVC Reactive Strips

Here at GermAwayUV, we want to give our customers complete peace of mind that their UVC devices are doing the job for which they were intended.  

UVC light emission destroys 99.9% of bacteria and molds by penetrating the DNA structure of microorganisms, but unlike ordinary cleaning and sanitizing, you can't actually see this happening.

This is why we are happy to bring you the GermAwayUV UVC Visualizer Cards. The visualizer is a simple set of cards with a small UVC strip that changes color when it has been sufficiently irradiated.  The first time you clean with a UVC device, simply place the card on the surface you are disinfecting and clean as per the instructions.  The yellow strip on the card will change from a bright yellow to a light green, if there is no color change simply move the device closer, or operate for longer. 

Each kit comes with 3 cards.